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“This program today was a great motivation for me and I learned no one can tell you that you can’t because “I can.” I also learned that as I grow to help people on the way… God and other people will bless me. Finally I learned to just follow your dreams. 11:35 a.m.

-Dye’Mond Brown


“I feel like this is a great experience for not just me, but everyone here. I’m learning and being inspired by great people to be the greatest person I can be.”

-Audenaire Suggs

“This experience has opened my eyes to what I can do with my life. It has made me wonder about my future life and how successful I WILL be. It has made me see how many people actually care about the Youth in Detroit. 11:34 a.m.

- Myla Jordan 


“I appreciate that all of the guests spoke to the role God plays in being successful. It becomes difficult to convey... to our youth in school so it was great to hear and see it here...”

- Celica Whitley, School Official 

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