Esteem We's City Possible is a campaign mobilizing community professionals and resource for youth ages 13-19 and their families and a network support group for business professionals and entrepreneurs in urban and underserved communities. 


Proceeds from Esteem We City Possible Original Line T-shirts goes to Esteem We Professional Community Action Group to support Esteem We programs for youth in the Metro Area.



Esteem We National Professional Community Action Group is a group of community-minded professionals, creating a sense of community again, connection and support for local business professionals, entrepreneurs and more...And, We are  Showing Up for Our Youth! 


OUR CHARGE: "Our youth are waiting on someone...who they don't believe is coming! It's up to us...those of us who have "made it" to return, pour things in and charge others to pay it forward!" -Connie L. Lindsey, VP of Corporate Social Responsibility- Northern Trust ​


WE are coming together to Connect, Serve and Transform Lives in urban and underserved  cities across the U.S.


Connect with us via connect@esteemwe.org today! 



WE bring some of the best business professionals, entrepreneurs and more together to help bridge the gap for youth ages 13-1 providing Life Skills Training, Education, Information Referral  and more.


Through the planning  of our annual signature event Youth Day Explosion we connect professionals and entrepreneurs, serve as a source of network and support for one another and together we share our gifts, talents and skills with our youth providing a day of access, connection and exposure to what's possible for their lives and families in the community and connections to create subsequent programming: Healthy Snack Inititiatives, After School Support etc.


Also, we connect our youth to organizations in the local community that have ongoing programs and resources available throughout the year!  



Is to Connect  Serve and Transform Lives in urban and underserved cities and counties across the U.S.




Esteem We City Possible is excited to help change the conversation of the local community, local business professionals, and local entrepreneurs in cities across the U.S. Our vision is to become a premiere source of access, connection and resource for youth ages 13-19 and their families in local communities. Esteem We City Possible is coming to a neighborhood near you... 

Together WE are Putting Community First!

Esteem We Detroit

Professionals in the Community Taking Action...


  Connect, share, and intergrate ideas

  for our communities as part of Esteem  

  We Professional Community Action Group





Esteem We DC

Professionals Connecting with Our Youth!  

Help bridge the gap between the needs of your generation and society by voicing your ideas and actively engaging with your peers to expose them to better possibilities.

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Esteem We Inc.                             

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Detroit, MI 48243 -0953                                                                                   


Esteem We Inc.  is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, EIN 82-3079850. 

Our mission is to connect, serve, and transform lives by providing life skills training, education and information referral to youth ages 13-19 and their families in urban and underserved communites across the U.S.  

out you.